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Horse care product line based on natural solutions

In a move that represents its graduation from product analysis to product developer, local company EcoSafe Natural Products has put together a line of natural horse care products based on essential oils rather than chemicals.

The Saanichton based company that specializes in natural pesticides, fertilizers and nutritional supplements is now branching out to the equestrian market. Under the name Groom's Choice
®, EcoSafe founder Rod Bradbury wants get the company into the public eye.

“We're most excited about this line of horse care products," Bradbury said. "The people that are using the different products have been very pleased."

Until recently, harsh chemicals designed to silken and smooth horses' coats while at the same time repel insects have been the conventional solution for horse groomers. Bradbury recognized there was an absence of an aII-natural product designed for these same purposes.

“Previously people were spraying [their horses] with nasty pesticides,” he said. "Our all-natural Horse Spray is based on essential oils such as Citronella and Rosemary, which people are very happy to use."

Traditionally, taking care of horses' hooves has been done with a copper-based product. This copper, Bradbury said, is toxic to mammals as it is absorbed through the skin and accumulates in the animal's liver.

"What we did was come up with a product that achieves the same results, but its based on Tea Tree Oil," he explained.

Other products in the Groom's Choice
® line include finishing Spray, horse gel and finishing gloss - a silicon detangler for horses' manes and tails.

EcoSafe Natural Products Inc. got off the ground in 1991, under the name EcoSafe Technologies. Originally in the business of providing consultancy on product development of natural pesticides, EcoSafe now develops its own products in modest-sized lab in Saanichton. With the cooperation of a Kamloops - based operation, EcoSafe Natural Products has recently expanded into the cosmetics market. Products such as exfoliating skin creams, moisturizers and body mists are available through Golden Bay Spa Products.

Bradbury says he wants EcoSafe to continue to expand and develop their product lines to fit new markets.

“We're fairly small scale now, but we will be happy to expand and take on some permanent staff," he said. To find out about EcoSafe Natural Products, telephone (250) 652-9150.

Groom's Choice® is distributed in Canada by EcoSafe Natural Products Inc.
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