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Customer Testimonials  

I have always been concerned about using toxins around the horses, and would not allow the copper based hoof care products in our barn, so I was very pleased to find the "Healthy Hooves" hoof care.

I have had excellent results with this product and it does not stain like the other hoof care treatments, with a much more pleasant appealing smell.

           Lorraine Bardua - EC Certified Coach, Sidney, BC

"I use the full range of Groom's Choice® products on my horses and find them very effective, particularly the all natural spray; which is great for repelling flies and mosquitoes. l also like the pleasant aroma of all the products."

                                                      Sue Elliott, Sidney, BC

"I love the silky shine that the Glossy Coat® spray leaves on my horse's coat."

                                         Deb Wellburn, Dean Park, BC

I like the Body Guard® natural spray and also the Mane Tamer® finishing gloss, they smell great and work really well."

                                             Leslie Bentley, Victoria, BC




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